Est. 1996

Real Food for Real People…..Really!

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Wednesday 8am-12am
Thursday & Sunday 8am-2am
Friday & Saturday 8am-5:30am
157 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL…….305.532.4700

Visit our sister restaurants-Prime 112, Prime Italian & Prime Fish
17% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more

Starters & Snacks

Tomato Basil Soup $6.95 w/cheese quesadilla wedge
Chicken Noodle Soup $6.95
Pan Roasted Caramelized French Onion Dip w/ housemade thick cut chips $8.95
Bowl of Homemade Chili  $9.95 w/Cheddar Cheese & Sour Cream
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $12.95
Served in Artisan Sourdough Loaf w/crispy tortillaGarlic Roasted Brie Skillet $13.95
w/crispy flatbread
Housemade Guacamole & Salsa $10.50 w/warm Tortilla Chips
Chili Nachos $13.95
Housemade Chili, melted Cheddar, Guacamole, Salsa & Sour Cream w/grilled chicken add $3 w/marinated skirt steak add $5

Crispy Cheese Potato Skins $11.95 w/Bacon, Sour Cream & Green Onions w/chili add $3
Jack Cheese Quesadilla $10.95 w/grilled chicken add $3 w/marinated skirt steak add $5 w/sauteed shrimp  add $5
Skillet Baked Mac & Cheese $10.95
Skillet Baked Chili Mac $11.95 w/crumbled Fritos topping
Skillet Baked “Piggy Mac” $15.95
Carolina Pulled Pork, topped w/ smoked Gouda Mac N Cheese
Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders $11.50 w/honey mustard and BBQ dipping sauces
Maryland Crab Cake $16.95 w/Housemade Slaw and Old Bay Mayo
Popcorn Shrimp $16.95 w/orange-horseradish & cocktail sauces
Hummus Platter $12.95 w/marinated cucumbers, onions, & warm pita
Polenta Fries $10.95 w/ homemade spicy ketchup
Cheese Fries $8.50 w/ranch dressing & gravy w/Housemade Chili add $3
Mozzarella Cheesy Sticks $10.25 w/fresh marinara



Hand Cut Fries $695

Housemade Chips & Dips $6.50
Sweet Potato Fries $8.25
Buffalo Chicken Wings $10.95
Buffalo Chicken Tenders $11.50
Onion Rings $10.50
Crispy Fried Calamari $12.50
“State Fair” Corn Dogs $10.95
Buffalo Shrimp $15.50

Kids Menu

Kids Only

Grilled Cheese $7.25
Pancakes $6.95
Spaghetti & Meatballs $7.50
8″ Kids Pizza $9.50
Macaroni and Cheese $7.50
Smash Burger w/Fries $8.95
Giant Kosher Hot Dog w/ Fries $8.95
Chicken Fingers w/Fries $8.95



All served over-sized “pyramid” style

Garden Salad  $10.95 1/2 $5.00 Mixed Greens, shredded carrots and tomato wedges w/balsamic  vinaigrette
Grilled Salmon Salad $14.95 Grilled Salmon flaked & tossed w/mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, capers, red onion & balsamic vinaigrette
Wedge Salad $14.50 Iceberg Lettuce w/applewood smoked bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes & choice of bleu cheese or 1000 island dressing
Chopped Kale Salad $14.50 w/ Fuji apples, celery, dried cranberries, walnuts & poppy seed dressing
Waldorf Chicken Salad  $14.50 Grilled Chicken w/ apples, red onion, dried cranberries & crushed walnuts
Spicy Vietnamese Beef Salad $15.50 Grilled marinated skirt steak w/ mixed greens, fresh tomatoes, bell pepper, sprouts, cilantro, toasted peanuts & spicy Sriracha vinaigrette
Southern Fried Chicken Salad $14.50 Crispy chicken tenders, chopped iceberg, roasted corn, red onions, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, maple glazed pecans & creamy ranch dressing
Southwestern Chicken Salad $14.50 w/grilled chicken, mixed greens, tomato, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, cheddar cheese, cilantro & tortilla strips w/ sweet chili vinaigrette
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad $13.50 Sliced Beefsteak tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil w/extra virgin olive oil & balsamic glaze
Pink House Salad $11.95 Mixed greens, roasted beets, mandarin oranges, chopped walnuts, crumbled bleu cheese w/ balsamic vinaigrette
Greek Salad $14.50 Tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives, feta cheese w/oregano red wine vinaigrette
Caesar Salad $13.95 1/2 $6.75 Chopped Romaine hearts, brioche croutons, parmesan w/house made Caesar dressing w/grilled chicken add $3 , w/ grilled salmon add $6, w/ grilled shrimp add $8
Chopped Cobb Salad $14.75 Chopped grilled chicken, avocado, crumbled bleu cheese, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg, iceberg lettuce  w/buttermilk ranch
Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad $17.50 Grilled rare Yellowfin tuna w/spinach, hard-boiled egg, tomato, string beans, grilled red onion, black olives w/creamy garlic vinaigrette
Chinese Chopped Chicken Salad $14.50 Chopped grilled chicken w/Bok choy, Napa cabbage, Mandarin oranges, peanuts,  edamame, crispy wontons, water chestnuts  w/creamy hoisin dressing
Buffalo Chicken Salad $14.50 Crispy Buffalo chicken tenders w/Romaine, carrots, celery, crumbled bleu & creamy bleu cheese dressing Middle Eastern Chopped Salad $14.50 Tomato, red onion, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, celery, carrot, chick peas, corn w/mixed greens,spicy tahini dressing & warm pita w/grilled chicken add $3,  w/ grilled salmon add $6,  w/ grilled shrimp add $8
Argentinian Steak Salad $20.50Grilled marinated skirt steak, spinach, romaine, tomatoes, zucchini, olives, cucumber& feta cheese tossed w/balsamic vinaigrette
Taco Salad $16.95 Spicy beef chili in a crispy giant taco shell w/shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Jack cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream & chili lime vinaigrette


All served with deli pickle & House made chips

Soup, Salad & Half Club Combo (choose 2)…ask your server $13.95

The Reuben…corned beef or turkey breast w/sauerkraut, melted Swiss, 1000 island on toasted rye $12.50
Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich… w/cheddar, grilled onions & cole slaw on toasted brioche $13.25
Rotisserie Chicken Salad Sandwich… w/avocado on toasted brioche $12.95
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich… w/ shredded iceberg & bleu cheese on a Kaiser roll $12.95
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich…w/lettuce, tomato & onion on a
Kaiser roll $12.95
add any cheese & grilled onions $1.00 extra–add brie, applewood smoked bacon, avocado $2.00 extra each
California B.L.T…Applewood bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts & basil mayo served on toasted white $12.95
New Yorker…corned beef, Swiss cheese, cole salw , 1000 island on toasted rye $12.95
Tuna Melt…Housemade tuna salad, sliced tomato, melted cheddar served open-faced on griddled rye $12.50
Patty Melt…10oz Angus burger, w/melted cheddar & grilled onions served on griddled rye $14.50
Club Sandwich…ham or fresh turkey breast, Swiss cheese, applewood smoked bacon, LTO, on toast $12.95
Portobello Sandwich…grilled portobello w/arugula, tomato & basil mayo served on toasted brioche $12.95
BBQ or Fried Meatloaf Sandwich..w/smoked bacon, cheddar, crispy onions served on toasted brioche $13.95
Philly Cheese Steak…shaved rib eye w/peppers, onions & mushrooms “wit whiz”or provolone $13.95
Mac-N-Cheese Steak…shaved rib eye w/peppers, onions & mushrooms topped w/mac-n-cheese $14.25
Chicken Cheese Steak…same as Philly but made w/shredded chicken $13.50
Double Decker Grilled  3 Cheese Sandwich w/ applewood smoked bacon, tomato on brioche … $12.50
Mac-n-Cheese Waffle Sandwich w/applewood smoked bacon… $12.95
Seared Rare Yellowfin Tuna Sandwich… w/wasabi slaw, pickled ginger & sweet soy on brioche $17.95
Thanksgiving on a Roll…roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce & gravy on brioche $13.95
Meatball Hero…Homemade meatballs, marinara, provolone & fresh basil on a sub roll $14.25
“Myles High” Smoked Salmon Club…w/red onion, Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, avocado & basil mayo $14.95
Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich…w/shredded iceberg, tomato & Old Bay mayo on toasted brioche  $17.50
Blackened or Fried Grouper Sandwich..w/melted American, shredded iceberg, tomato & tartar sauce$18.95


All served with deli pickle & House made chips
Chicken Fajita Wrap $12.95/Steak $13.50/ combo $14.50
grilled chicken or skirt steak, w/ sauteed onions, peppers, melted cheeses & tomato
Churassco Wrap $12.95
grilled skirt steak, fried plantains, black beans & rice w/chimichurri sauce
Spicy Vietnamese Beef Wrap $12.50
grilled skirt steak, bell peppers, sprouts, toasted peanuts w/sweet chili dipping sauce
Grilled Portobello Wrap $10.95
w/ basmati rice, LTO & basil mayo
Salmon Teriyaki Wrap $14.50
w/basmati rice, LTO, sprouts, spinach, wasabi mayo & teriyaki dipping sauce
BBQ Chicken Wrap $12.95
w/ smoked gouda, mashed potatoes, grilled onions, cilantro, avocado, arugula & BBQ sauce
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $11.95
w/shredded Romaine, brioche croutons, Parmesan & house made Caesar dressing

Big Pink Big Burgers

10 oz’s of freshly ground Angus Beef

All served w/LTO, deli pickle & Hand Cut fries

Big Pink Burger $10.75
Big Pink Turkey Burger $10.95
BBQ Burger $12.50
Applewood smoked bacon, fried onions, BBQ sauce & Jack cheese
Verde Burger $12.50
topped w/spinach & artichoke dip
Bacon & Cheddar Burger $12.50
Ventnor Pizza Burger $11.75
Mozzarella Cheese & Pizza Sauce
Mushroom & Swiss Burger $12.50
Chili Burger $12.50
Housemade beef chili w/cheddar & sour cream
Pink Daddy Mack $11.50
Two Angus beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on brioche bun
Smash Burger $7.95
6oz Angus beef burger flattened & cooked through
Veggie Burger $11.50
fresh  vegetables, tofu, brown rice & lentils w/sprouts & honey mustard

Burger Toppings:

Provolone, American, Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Jack, Bleu, Fried Onions, BBQ sauce, fried egg add $1.50
Brie, Applewood Smoked Bacon, sauteed mushrooms, avocado, beef chili add $2.00


TV Dinner $14.50…  Ask your server for details…

Chicken Teriyaki w/ grilled pineapple, sauteed broccoli & basmati rice $14.95
1/2 Rotisserie Chicken w/red bliss smashed potatoes gravy & sauteed vegetables $14.95
Lime Marinated & Grilled Chicken Breast w/avocado tomato salsa & basmati rice $13.95
Chicken Stir Fry w/garden vegetables, ginger sauce & Basmati rice $15.95
Chicken Parmesan w/ mozzarella & house made marinara $15.95
Fried Chicken & Waffles w/ Frank’s hot sauce & maple syrup $15.95

BBQ Chicken & St. Louis Style Ribs
Half Chicken $13.95
Full Rack $19.95/Half Rack $13.95
Combo 1/4 chicken & 1/2 rack $16.95
All served w/ corn bread, cole slaw & hand cut fries 

12 oz. Blackened Rib Eye w/ grilled pineapple & fully loaded baked potato $27.95
8 oz. Filet Mignon w/ fully loaded baked potato $25.95
Churrasco Steak w/ fried plantains, black beans & rice & chimichurri sauce $18.95
Teriyaki Skirt Steak w/sauteed broccoli & basmati rice $18.95
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatloaf w/ red bliss mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables & crispy onions $14.95
Foot Long Kobe Beef Hot Dog w/ house made saurkraut $15.95

 Beer Battered Fish & Chips $15.95
w/malted vinegar & tartar sauce 

Salmon Teriyaki w/ sauteed broccoli & basmati rice $17.95
Sesame Seared Yellowfin Tuna w/ crispy rice ball, wasabi & sweet soy $21.95
Grilled Local Black Grouper w/avocado tomato salsa & basmati rice $20.95
Miso Marinated Sea Bass w/ sauteed bok choy, basmati rice & sweet soy $22.95

Sides $5.95

Loaded Baked Potato
Baked Sweet Potato
Red Bliss Smashed Potatoes & Gravy
Sweet Potato Mash
Sauteed Vegetables
Basmati Rice
Creamed Corn
Creamed Spinach
Black Beans & Rice
Broccoli & Cheddar
Grilled Asparagus
Home Fries


Angel Hair w/ tomatoes & fresh basil $12.95
Spaghetti & Meatballs $15.95
Lasagna Bolognaise $14.95
Chicken Rigatoni w/ broccoli, tomatoes, basil & Parmesan cream $13.95
Fettuccini Alfredo $13.95
Four Cheese Ravioli w/ house made marinara $14.95
Thai Pasta w/Lo Mein noodles, mixed vegetables & spicy peanut sauce $13.95
Penne alla Vodka w/smoked applewood bacon & English peas $14.95
Portobello Bowtie Pasta w/tomato, goat cheese & Parmesan $13.95

fresh mozzarella add $3
grilled chicken add $3
grilled shrimp add $8


Margherita w/tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil $10.95
BBQ Chicken w/ red onion, smoked Gouda & cilantro $11.25
Shrimp w/ caramelized onions, mozzarella, arugula & Parmesan $14.95
Portobello-Goat Cheese w/ sundried tomatoes, fresh basil & mozzarella $13.50
Hawaiian w/ ham, pineapple & mozzarella $11.95
Buffalo Mozzarella & Arugula w/ fresh tomatoes & basil $13.95
Vegetarian w/grilled vegetables, tomato & fresh basil $11.95
Smoked Salmon w/sour cream, scallions & black caviar $15.95
Breakfast Pizza w/ three eggs, sausage. ham & cheese $12.95

From the Smoothie & Juice Bar….

Big Pink Smoothie $6.25
banana, strawberry & vanilla yogurt

SOFI Smoothie $6.50
banana, papaya, mango, pineapple, vanilla yogurt & coconut milk

Pina Colada $6.50
banana, pineapple, coconut milk & honey

Make your own smoothie $5.25 one flavor
strawberry, banana, papaya, pineapple, coconut, mango

.50 extra each additional flavor

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Small $3.50 Large $5.25

Tomato, Grapefruit, Cranberry & Pineapple Juices $4.00

Homemade Desserts, Cakes & Pies

We proudly bake all of our desserts in house daily.
Whole cakes and pies available upon request.

Fried Oreos w/French Vanilla Ice Cream $9.95
Chocolate “Ho Ho” w/French Vanilla Ice Cream $10.95
Key Lime Pie w/Schlog $9.95
NY Style Cheesecake $9.95
Oreo Cheesecake $10.95
Red Velvet Cheesecake $10.95
Chocolate Skyscraper Cake $10.95
Warm Dulce de Leche Bread Pudding w/Candied Walnuts & French Vanilla Ice Cream $10.95
Carrot Cake w/cream cheese frosting $10.95
Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake w/Sweet Cream & Amarene Cherries $9.95
Warm Apple Pie $10.95
Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler $9.95
Peanut Butter Snicker Pie w/chocolate sauce $10.95
Giant Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie $9.95
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Smores w/ French Vanilla Ice Cream $10.95

Milk Shakes, Ice Cream & Sundaes

Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry Milk Shakes $7.50
Ice Cream or Sorbet $6.95
Hot Fudge Sundae $7.95
Waffle Sundae $8.95
Fudge Brownie Sundae $8.95
Banana Split $9.25
ABITA Root Beer Float $8.50
Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake $8.75

Coffee & Tea

Cafe Richard French Roast
regular or decaf $3.25
Lipton Tea $3.25
Herbal Teas $4.00
Single Espresso $4.00
Double Espresso $6.00
Macchiato $4.00
Cappuccino  $5.50
Latte $5.50
Iced Cappuccino $5.50
Mocha Freeze $6.00
Milk $3.00
Chocolate Milk $3.50
Fudgy Hot Chocolate $4.00

Beer Selections

On Draft

Sierra Nevada Torpedo I.P.A. $7
Guiness $7
Stella Artois $6
Brooklyn  Lager $6
Blue Moon Belgian White $6
Yeungling $5
Miller Lite $4
Abita Root Beer $4

Light Lager

Grolsch 16oz “pop-tops” $ 8
Spaten Munchner Hell $ 7
Naragansett Lager $ 6
Kronenberg 1664 $ 6
Corona $ 6
Heineken $ 6
Heineken Light $ 6
Amstel Light $ 6
Peroni $ 6
Modelo Especial $ 6
Presidente $ 6
Red Stripe $ 6
PBR Tall Boy $ 5
Yeungling $ 5
Budweiser $ 5
Bud Light $ 5
Coors Light $ 5

Belgian Strong Ale

Delirium Tremens Rich Ale $13
Chimay Red $13
Victory Golden Monkey $10

India Pale Ale

Florida Swamp Ape $10
Dog Fish Head 90 min $10
Bells Two Hearted $ 7
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon $ 7
Lagunitas $ 6

Dark Lagers & Ales

Rogue Dead Guy Ale $ 8
Samuel  Adams Seasonal $ 7
Shiner Bock $ 7
Maduro Nut Brown Ale $ 6
Dixie Blackened Voodoo $ 6

Pale Ale

Orkney Skull Splitter $ 9
Boddington’s Pub Ale $ 7
Magic Hat #9 $ 6
Dales Pale Ale $ 6


Old Rasputin Imperial Stout $ 9
Left Hand Milk Stout $ 7


Tucher Helles Hefeweizen $ 7
Avery White Rascal $ 7
North Coast Blue Star $ 7

Fruit Beer & Ciders

Strongbow 16 oz Dry Cider $ 8
Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale $ 7
Ace Perry Cider $ 7
Kopparbergs Strawberry Lime $ 7
Blue Point Blueberry Ale $ 6
Magners Irish Cider $ 6
Twisted Tea $ 6


Specialty Cocktails $11.95

Frozen Creations

Margarita Madness
Traditional, Strawberry, Mango or Passion fruit on the rocks or frozen w/ Jose Cuervo Gold, Triple Sec, house made sour mix & a splash of  fresh orange juice.  Order it top shelf w/ a float of Grand Marnier and your choice of top shelf tequila for extra $5.00

A delicious & refreshing blend of the classic Key West Rum Runner & the Caribbean Pina Colada.

Miami Mudslide
Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Dark Creme de Cacao and Smirnoff vodka w/ vanilla frozen yogurt & fresh cream topped w/ whipped cream  & chocolate sprinkles.

Sobe Colada
Bacardi Light Rum, Monin coconut syrup, banana, splash of fresh orange juice & vanilla frozen yogurt blended & served w/ a float of Meyers Dark Rum.

Cool Mint Daquiri
Our version of the frozen Mojito w/ Bacardi Light Rum, muddled lime, fresh mint and simple syrup.


Straight Up!! $11.95

The Big Pink Cosmo 
Big Pink style w/ Ketel Citron, Cointreau, house made sour mix & fresh pink lemonade shaken until frozen.

Salty Dog
Smirnoff Vodka w/fresh sqeezed pink grapefruit & a salty rim.

Tangerine Dream
Absolut Mandarin, Cointreau, muddled orange & fresh orange juice.

Chocolate Martini
Smirnoff Vodka, Godiva White & Dark Chocolate liqueurs & Dark Creme de Cacao shaken and served in a coco rimmed glass.

Bellini Martini
A taste of Venice-Stolichnaya Peach Vodka, white peach puree & a splash of champagne.

Lychee Bomb
Smirnoff Vodka shaken w/St Germain Elderflower & fresh lychee puree.


Tropical Libations $12.95

Hail Mary
Our wake up favorite!  House made Bloody Mary w/ Smirnoff Vodka & a giant poached shrimp.
$14.95 w/ shrimp $12.95 w/o shrimp

Iced Teez!!
South Beach or Long Island both equally delicious.  Served w/Smirnoff Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Jose Curevo Gold Tequila, Bacardi Light Rum & Triple Sec w/ fresh lemonade & either a splash of cranberry or Coca Cola.

Pain Killer
The pain killer to end all of the pain.  A blend of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Orange Curacao, Monin Coconut Syrup, fresh pineapple & orange juices & a dash of Luxardo maraschino liqueur.

The Mean Tai
A seductive blend of Bacardi Light Rum, Orange Curacao, Monin Almond syrup, fresh orange & pineapple juices & a floater Bacardi Dark Rum.

Fresh Fruit Mojitos
Individual or pitchers avaialble.  Muddled lime and fresh mint w/Bacardi Light Rum & simple syrup.  Add fresh strawberry, blueberries or raspeberries for an extra $2.00
Pitchers $35.00

Wine Selections 


Champagne & Sparkling

Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label, France, Brut $19 glass            $95 bottle
Nicolas Feuillate, France, Rose $15 glass             $75  bottle
Nicolas Feuillate, France,  Brut $13 glass             $65 bottle
J.P. Chenet, France, Brut $  8 glass             $35 bottle 

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon, Smith & Hook, Napa $14 glass             $56 bottle
Claret, Coppola, Napa $11  glass            $44 bottle
Malbec, Terrazas, Reserva, Argentina $10 glass             $40 bottle
Pinot Noir, A by Acacia, CA $  9 glass             $36 bottle
Chianti Classico, Ruffino, Italy $  9 glass             $36 bottle
Pinot Noir, BV Coastal, CA $  7  glass             $28 bottle
Zinfandel, Old Vines, Gnarly Head, Australia $  7  glass             $28 bottle 

White Wine & Rose

Pouilly Fuisse, Latour, France $13 glass             $52 bottle
Chardonnay, Ferrari Carano, Sonoma $12 glass             $48 bottle
Evolution, Sokol Blosser, CA $12 glass             $48 bottle
Rose, Whispering Angel, France $11  glass            $44 bottle
Riesling, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Cold Creek, WA $11  glass            $44 bottle
Pinot Grigio, Ruffino, Italy $  8 glass             $32 bottle
Moscato, Terre da Vino, Italy $  8 glass             $32 bottle
Sauvignon Blanc, New Harbor, New Zealand $   7 glass             $28 bottle
Sauvignon Blanc, Sterling, Napa $  6 glass             $24 bottle 

House Wine

Red,  White & Rose $ 5 glass              $20 bottle

Coca Cola Fountain Drinks $3.25

Diet Coke
Fanta Orange
Pink Lemonade

In the Bottle…$4.00

Fanta Orange
IBC Root Beer
IBC Cream Soda
Coke (Mexico)
Dr. Pepper
Izze Pop Pomegranate
Izze Pop Blackberry
Virgil’s Root Beer
Virgil’s Cream Soda
Boylan’s Grape Soda
Boylan’s Gingerale
Arizona Green Tea

In the Can….

Coke $3.50
Coke Zero $3.50
Diet Coke $3.50
Sprite $3.50
Sprite Zero $3.50
Lipton Lemon Iced Tea $3.50
Dr. Brown’s Gingerale $4.00
Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry $4.00
Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda $4.00
Red Bull $5.50
Red Bull Sugar Free $5.50
Monster Energy Drink $6.00 

Bottled Water

Panna 1 liter $7.00
San Pellegrino 1 liter $7.00
Perrier 500ml $$3.50
Vitamin Water (all flavors) $5.50

Breakfast Anytime…

Bagel & Cream Cheese $4.95
w/sliced tomato, red onion & capers

Bagel & Lox $11.95
w/sliced tomato, red onion & capers

Oatmeal $5.25
w/bananas add $1.95
w/strawberries add $3.00

Tropical Fruit Salad $9.25

Big Pink Granola $5.95
w/milk or yogurt

Breakfast Parfait $7.25
w/granola, tropical fruit, yogurt & honey

Hot Malted Waffles $7.95
w/butter & maple syrup

Waffle Combo $11.95
w/two eggs any style & choice of bacon, ham or sausage patties

Brioche French Toast $8.95
w/butter & maple syrup

Giant Big Pink Pancakes $9.95
w/butter & maple syrup

Steak & Eggs $15.25
two eggs any style w/grilled skirt steak, home fries & toast

Corned Beef Hash $10.25
two eggs any style & toast

Lox, Eggs & Onions $12.95
w/ home fries & toast

Eggs Benedict $12.95
two poached eggs, Canadian bacon, English muffin & hollandaise

Three Egg Breakfast $8.50
three eggs any style w/ choice of bacon, ham or sausage, toast & home fries

Fried Egg Sandwich $7.25
w/melted cheese & mayo on house made Kaiser roll

Breakfast Burrito $10.95
w/scrambled eggs, avocado, applewood smoked bacon, jack cheese, tomato salsa & sour cream

Pinky’s Hollywood Breakfast $11.50
crispy polenta fries, applewood smoked bacon, sauteed spinach, two poached eggs, cheese sauce & fresh basil

Matzoh “Brei” $8.75

Five Egg Omelette $8.95

omelette fillings choice of:
cheese, tomato, onion, spinach, mushrooms or avocado add  $1.00  each
egg whites only $1.00 extra

Carolina Pulled Pork Omelette $10.50
w/grilled red onions & sour cream

Mashed Potato Omelette $10.50
w/bacon, scallions, Jack & Swiss cheeses & sour cream

Grilled Veggie & Brie Omelette $10.50

Sweet Corn Tortilla Omelette $10.50
w/caramelized onions, bacon, Jack cheese, salsa & sour cream

Breakfast Sides

Strawberries $3.00
Sausage Patties $4.00
Chicken Apple Sausage $5.95
Bagel $2.50
Toast & Jam $2.00
Yogurt $3.00
Fruit Salad $4.25
One Egg $2.00
Applewood Smoked Bacon $4.00
Turkey Bacon $4.00
Cream Cheese $1.95
Bananas $1.95
Ham $3.00
Cottage Cheese $2.00
Grilled Skirt Steak $11.95

Big Pink Merchandise

Baby doll T-shirts
Short Sleeve Button Down
Beach Towels
Tote Bags

Ask your server for details